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Welcome to the home of such magical stories as “The Song of Crazy Horse”, “The Ultimate Prophecy”, “Tokala”, “Co-Dependent Dysfunctional You”, “Yellowhand” , and J.D. Blackfoot’s latest masterpiece epic, “The Legend of Texas Red”,  and the one and only place that you will find LEGAL audio J.D. Blackfoot downloads.


J.D. Blackfoot on stage

In 1988 J.D. bought back all rights to all of his Albums/CDs and song copyrights from the record labels that had previously owned them.  J.D. Blackfoot  now owns all rights of any kind, to every Album/CD that he has ever recorded, and every song that he has ever written.  J.D. has re-released most of those Albums/CDs on his own record label, Yonder Music Group Ltd., DBA/

Please be aware that this is the only place where you can legally Download J.D. Blackfoot songs and/or videos. If you purchase downloads of J.D. Blackfoot songs from any other source other than here at, you will be buying bootleg copies of poor quality from the crooks and thieves that have all but sucked the lifeblood out of the art of creating music. Please do not purchase bootlegs of any artist as it robs the artist of the right to earn a living from their own music. Every site that you find that is selling or offering free downloads of J.D. Blackfoot songs other than here on this site is a bootlegger. Every single scum sucking one.

This is your only true source for factual information about J.D. Blackfoot Music, and to follow J.D.’s life’s journey through your reading of Blackfoot’s biography You’ve found the secret entrance  into the magical, lyrical, storytelling world, of this one of a kind, truly master songwriter. “I have seen the vision of the horse that dances wild, I have seen the land of the great beyond.  I am one with this earth as a little child, let my eternal light shine on.”  from “The Song of Crazy Horse” 1973

Everyone can leave a comment or message, to/or about J.D. by clicking on any one of the Articles posted to the left side of this Home Page and then scrolling down to the bottom of the article to post a comment or message, but if you want to join the private membership of J.D.’s fan club, which he affectionately calls, “The Friends of J.D. Blackfoot Music” you will have to register first by filling out and submitting the “Friends Membership Request Form”,  That will allow you to log in to the private message board to read and leave messages for J.D. and Eileen Blackfoot and the other “Friends” members.  Joining the “Friends” membership also adds you to the mailing list for all concert information and personal appearances, many of which are only advertised through the “Friends” newsletters.  Message Board / Forum

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J.D. Blackfoot Record Label

Yonder Music Ltd.  and Tokala Music Publishing are J.D. Blackfoot companies.  J.D. Blackfoot now owns all rights of any kind, including copyrights to every Album/CD that he has ever recorded, and the copyrights to every song that he has ever written.