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Texas Red Reviewed by Dick Richmond - J.D. Blackfoot

Texas Red Reviewed by Dick Richmond

The long awaited release of the three CD set titled, “The Legend of Texas Red” is due out Friday August 3rd, 01.

The first two CDs contain the thirteen stories and fifteen songs that make up the entire two hour and fifteen minute “Texas Red” saga. The third CD contains only the fifteen songs.

The pre-release reviews are already raving about “Texas Red” and here is what career music and audio book critic, author and screen writer, Dick Richmond had to say about “The Legend of Texas Red”

Review July 11th, 01

“J.D. Blackfoot has always been a remarkable storyteller. ¬†Even listeners who are not hard-core fans know and appreciate such numbers as “The Song of Crazy Horse” and “The Ultimate Prophecy.”

Nothing Blackfoot has produced before, however, compares with “The Legend of Texas Red.”

This story about the life and adventures of an Alabama youngster en route to manhood in narration and song is the performers stunning masterpiece.

On these discs, Blackfoot demonstrates that he is a capable actor in addition to being an appreciated musical performer of long-standing.

I was captured from the beginning, and, although I had heard the first song, “Birmingham” in concert, the impact it had on me this time, because of the introduction, was so emotional that I found myself looking forward with expectation to each narrative and the song that followed.

I have no hesitation in saying that, in my opinion, “The Legend of Texas Red” is a keeper.
-Dick Richmond

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  1. I lisyened to texas red on the way home from st.Louis after the concert. what a story and i was wishing this becomes a movie and baby cora song keeps rattling my brain. J.d. is a wonderful man, and a great songwritter and he is a genious in the music world .i am always listening to his c.d.s and become part of the story. of course I cry when he does garden of the black rose and My best friend. we honor you now and always, staying happy with your music


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