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All of them should, as they are degrading and discriminatory, and have no place in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! It is time for Americans of every race to step forward and help create the honorable changes that are needed for the equality of all. Changes like retiring the Cleveland Indians “Chief Wahoo” logo and the Washington Redskins name and logo! And if the Atlanta Braves’ “Tomahawk Chop” had been the “Spear Chucker Chuck,” it would have been changed overnight! It is time that our Native American brothers are treated with the same respect that all others are given in this land that was once theirs! I ask you to register your wishes for these changes to take effect by adding your name to our protest of these offensive logos and team titles.

I was told that I would never get a bunch of white red-neck sports lovers to agree that these changes were possible. I am one of those white red-neck sports lovers to agree that these changes were possible. I am one of those white red-neck sports lovers! And I am man enough to say how sorry I am to my Native American brothers that in my stupidity I did not realize how these team names and logos hurt them. The Native American community has not had the numbers of people or the money that it takes to achieve making these changes happen by themselves. It is up to Americans of every race to step forward with the Native American community and demand that these changes be made for the good of all of us. PLAY BALL. BUT PLAY FAIRLY!

Join us in making sure that these degrading team logos and names are no longer used. Please fill out our petition form and register your name to help make our request for honorable change heard in Washington. If we allow one race to be discriminated against, none of us is truly safe, and we are not healthy as a Nation. I am just a Red-Neck White Boy Rock-n-Roller who believes that, at times, we all must step up to the plate and live up to the words of President John F. Kennedy. ” Find a wrong and try and right it “.And to the little girl in Wounded Knee, South Dakota – I’m out here trying my best baby, I’m out here trying my best.

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The Ghost of Montana also rides for the protection of horses.

If you know of any case of abuse or slaughter of horses please find our link to the Equine Rescue League, as well as the “United States Equine Rescue League” and report your findings to them. There are many horse rescue groups in the world, to find a group in your area, just go to”search on the web and type in horse rescue. Please let us know what you have found and follow up with a report of what is being done about the problem.

Remember all those times when you caught yourself saying:

When are they going to do something about that ?”

Well, it’s time that you became the “THEY” that you were talking about. Jump in, the water’s fine.