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Additional Information

Please take the time to register and sign in and join the other “Friends of J.D. Blackfoot Music” here on our website. Many of our concerts are only promoted to our “Friends” mailing list. So you may not hear of other concerts we play in your area if you are not a part of our website “Friends”.

In 1988 J.D. Blackfoot bought back all of the rights to all of his albums, CD’s and song copyrights from the record labels that had previously owned them and has re-released the albums on his own Yonder Music Group label. The only place that you can purchase most of these albums (CD’s) is here on our J.D. Blackfoot website and on amazon.com as we have not offered these CD’s to any retail stores in over 8 years. They are offered on amazon.com as sold by Yonder Music Group and are shipped from Hilliard, Ohio USA.

The new triple CD titled “The Legend of Texas Red” is now available for sale here at www.jdblackfoot.com.

Thank you for visiting jdblackfoot.com and we hope that you will come back often.