“The Friends of J.D. Blackfoot music!”

I have never cared for the term “Fan Club”, so from day one I have dubbed my faithful followers affectionately as “The Friends of JD Blackfoot Music”. This photo was taken July 16th, 1982 at Keil Opera House in St. Louis, MO the night that the album “Live in St. Louis” was recorded. Many of the people that were in the audience that night are still on the “friends” mailing list today. When completed this page will contain letters, photos, and memorabilia from this long lasting association.

Filling out the Member Registration Form and becoming a member of “The Friends of J.D. Blackfoot Music” will add you to the “Friends” mailing list that will keep you informed as to concerts and appearances that J.D. might be having in your area, and major (Friends only) concerts like the annual “September Moon-Campfire Concert” held in Illinois in September, and attended by “Friends” from Florida to California. These concerts are not advertised to the general public and are only advertised to those on the “Friends” mailing list. It is a very special club and has the look and feel of a good old family reunion.

To join this exclusive and private membership simply click on this link to:     “The Friends of J.D. Blackfoot Music”   and fill out the required personal information and click SUBMIT.

Welcome Friend and as always, Stay Happy, J.D. Blackfoot

(May may also mail your personal information to: J.D. Blackfoot, P.O. Box 777, Hilliard, OH, 43026 and request membership in the “Friends”.)

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