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Texas Red Reviewed by Rick Cooper - J.D. Blackfoot

Texas Red Reviewed by Rick Cooper

You either “get” J.D. Blackfoot’s music or you don’t, because his songs are not for everyone. They are definitely not for people for whom music is only sound in the background, or for those who depend upon radio, media, critics, etc., to tell them what is “good” or “not good”. J.D. Blackfoot has always written songs that have the ability to strike a resonation chord deep within the people who “get” his music. Those people are not merely fans—-they are called “The Friends of J.D. Blackfoot Music”—-and they are the ones who play all of J.D.’s previous albums while anxiously awaiting his next offering.

Well, the wait is over, as J.D. has finally completed the triple CD masterpiece titled “The Legend Of Texas Red”.

Over the course of the first two CDs, in alternating narration and song, J.D. tells of the life and legend of a colorful character named Texas Red. Before the first track is over, seamlessly and smoothly J.D. goes from narrating the story of Texas Red to actually becoming Texas Red. I don’t want to spoil the story by revealing any details, but I will pass along this suggestion—-listen to the entire story (CDs one and two) without interruption or distraction. The combination of the narration, songs, and the story itself is truly mesmerizing. The third CD consists of the songs, in order, without the narration.

Everything about this CD—the lyrics, music, vocals, narration, the players, production, engineering—is simply outstanding. But don’t let me or anyone else tell you what is good or not good—listen to “The Legend Of Texas Red” and decide for yourself. But I will make this prediction—if you’re a Fan of J.D. Blackfoot Music, this CD will take the rightful place among the best work that J.D. Blackfoot has ever recorded.

Rick Cooper, Author and Songwriter


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  1. HI, i believe I met you and John Durzo in 1979 in Jacksonville Florida. Now there is a story! I will carry it with me till the day I die. The part that I will share publicly: I was a teenager back then and I had never heard of you or Ted Nugent ( Blackfoot was opening for him). I Remember that Foreigner was originally suppose to play that night as well but, one of the guitar players had broken his arm. Scorpions played that night as well. Before that night I had never heard of any of you all. I remember at the hotel where you all were staying John playing a cassette tape of ZZ Top’s Fandango. I had never heard of them either but, Love the shit of of them now. I’m sure through out your career you have accumulated many many stories.You may find it interesting and, certainly parts of it funny. You may drop me an email saying you want to hear the story. You may remember it. On the other hand you may not give a shit or care to give a shit for whatever reason . It’s cool with me either way. However, I must confess there are a couple of question I would love to ask you how some things turned out, you also may be the only person who could give me a lead to help me find a long lost childhood friend of mine. You had and, may still have a connection with her family. Oh, least I forget . I love your music now. My husband loves your music even more than do. Okay , well chow

  2. Hello JD, it’s been so many years since we lived together inn that old schoolhouse outside Athens Ga.and I was a Roadie for the band.I remember people gawking at us in the grocery store, throwing things at us from cars, and the music that was made . I remember the tour through Ohio and the kindness of Clarence the drummers family.I’m glad I found your site and have the chance to hear some of what you’ve begin doing.Glad to have the chance to say hello, John Greer

  3. can’t wait to hear it…i didn’t know it existed….i was a big follower of the band back in the day in columbus…went to ALL the shows…

  4. I have been introduced to j.d.s music by my son .Rod and I simply can say his music has my heart in it.I never get tired of listening to him. his music rides with me everywhere I go and if you dont care for his music you would never want to take a trip with me as thats what we would listen to. he is the most talented songwriter,I have ever heard, I am grateful and simply love him and his music..I am sure his spirit is in every song.i know he has won the hearts of. many. simply the best.Itruly beleive texas red is more than a legion he is a reality.

  5. Texas Red CD is fabulous. J D still has it in him. Love his music and the newest one fits right in. Rick you are absolutely correct in saying everything that you said.

  6. Would love to share this review. Is that possiblel? I don’t know how. Can’t wait to hear Texas Red for myself>>>>


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