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Ultimate Prophecy Re-Issue Album Information

The Ultimate Prophecy Re-Issue | J.D. Blackfoot

Single CD — $11.75 Released 008

(Re-mastered and Re-Issued and includes the 5 minute Live version of The Ultimate Prophecy as a bonus track)

ultimate prophecy
This 008 re-issue of “The Ultimate Prophecy” includes all of the original album material plus the entire 5 minute live version of “The Ultimate Prophecy” from “Live In St. Louis — July 16th, 1982.The original U.S. album was released in 1970 and that cover art was derived from a painting by Rene Magritte titled, “The Mermaid’s Song”. The cover art used by most foreign markets was a photograph of a man in a Monks robe, taken on a foggy beach in Holland by Dick Horsman. This 008 CD cover art incorporates the concepts of both of those original album covers and was constructed by Rick Cooper. This 2008 CD, (YONDER — 1970-) and the Tokala Records CD (TOKALA — 5947-) which was released in 1996 with the American cover art, are the only authorized versions of this classic album to be re-issued since the original vinyl album was released in 1970.

The Ultimate Prophecy Re-Issue Tracks

  1. One Time Woman
  2. Angel
  3. We Can Try
  4. Good Day Extending Company
  5. I’ve Never Seen You
  6. The Ultimate Prophecy
  7. Death’s Finale
  8. Cycles
  9. Waiting To Be Born
  10. Pink Sun

Bonus tracks

from “Live in St. Louis — July 16, 198″ (Sisapa 198-) The Ultimate Prophecy — Live Concert Version — total runtime 5:58

  1. Part 1 — The Ultimate Prophecy
  2. Part — Death’s Finale
  3. Part 3 — Cycles
  4. Part 4 — Waiting To Be Born
  5. Part 5 — Pink Sun