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Tokala - Part 1 (The Tokala Story) - J.D. Blackfoot

Tokala – Part 1 (The Tokala Story)

Tokala – Part 1 (The Tokala Story)

Words & Music by: J D Blackfoot © 199 Published by: Tokala Music



Long ago, a fox came out of the darkness and stood at the edge of time.

He raised his nose to test the wind and then set about the performance of

his illusion. His enemies thought he ran in fear, yet nothing could be farther

from the truth. He was leading them on a gauntlet of fools.


A small gray fox and very fast, and the path he cut was a circle about a

mile around. For hours, he led his enemies round’ and round’ the great circle.

And when he grew tired of his illusion, he turned inward and hopped from tree

to rock until he stood at the center of the circle.


And for the rest of the night, the fox watched his enemies run round’ and

round’, chasing shadows and howling at the moon. And by morning, his

enemies had trampled out a path that to this day is a treadmill called the

path of life. All two-legged creatures are born on this path. Most spend their

life chasing shadows and howling at the moon. Occasionally, one is smart

enough to turn inward and jump from tree to rock until they stand at the

center of the universe.


A vision quest is never easy, but once it is done, its truth is eternal.

The answer lies within.


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