J.D. Blackfoot Music - J.D. Blackfoot
The Wind - J.D. Blackfoot

The Wind

The Wind

Words & Music by: J D Blackfoot © 1990 Published by: Tokala Music



Have mercy on the lonely seeker,

the truth now ready to receive.

Your enemy wears different faces,

and you have to be the one to lead.

When you drown your ignorance in alcohol,

your enemy is beating you.

I spent my lifetime dodgin’ bullets,

and I fought for the honor of the Sioux.


And when I turned my face to the wind,

I felt life caress me again.

And when I ran like a child in the wind,

I was free and happy again.


Now take my word back to our people,

I send Tokala to fight for them.

I give you the wisdom of the small gray fox,

tell them, only knowledge will protect them.

And lead them out there on the mountain top,

let them turn their faces to the sky.

Tell them to pray to the four directions,

their war ponies name is truth and pride.


And when they turn their face to the wind,

Tell them it’s just life, come to caress them again.

And when they run like a child in the wind,

They’ll be free and happy again.


And take a message to my woman,

give her this blanket against the chill.

And when she stairs into the night fire burnin’,

tell her this old warrior loves her still.

And tell her that I like the way she wears her hair,

and that light there shinin’ in her eye.

Tell her that she is still the best friend,

of the horse that dances crazy in the sky.


And when she turns her face to the wind,

Tell her it’s just me, come to caress her again.

And when she runs like a child in the wind,

She’ll be free and happy again.

With her friend, the wind.


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