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The Road North - J.D. Blackfoot

The Road North

The Road North

Words & Music by: J D Blackfoot © 004 Published by: Tokala Music



And so it was agreed that Yellowhand would protect the Eagle

while her wing was mending, and in return Noka would help the

Colt find his Mother. So just as the Colorado moon was releasing her

control on the shadows of the night, in the cold dark morning of

May 15th, Yellowhand and Noka set upon the long road together.


Keeping to the eastern slope of the Great Rocky Mountains,

They trailed North from Colorado into Wyoming along the

Medicine Bow. They crossed the Powder River and followed the

foothills of the Bighorn Mountains into Montana. After crossing

the Little Bighorn River, they turned Northeast along the morning

side of Lodge Grass Creek. Two days later, where the Lodge Grass

turns back to the North, Noka returned from a scouting flight to

tell the Colt that she had good news. His Mother, and the rest of

his kind, were just one more day ahead. It was the warm and

peaceful summer evening of Saturday June 4th, 1876


Yellowhand pushed hard the next day, hoping to see his Mother

by nightfall. But by mid-afternoon, Noka was finding signs

that something was very wrong. To the north there were great

clouds of dust in the air, and a sound that Yellowhand

remembered from the night his Mother was taken. It was the

Whiteman’s talking sticks – the horrible sound of guns.


He topped the final ridge and heard the fear in Noka’s cry.

The White ones and the Red ones were killing each other.

And it was there – that the brutality of life would buckle his knees

and change the young Colt’s world forever. To use their bodies for

cover, and hide from the Redmans’ arrows,


The White ones in the blue shirts —- were shooting the horses.


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