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The Legend of Billy Yost - J.D. Blackfoot

The Legend of Billy Yost

The Legend of Billy Yost

Words & Music by: J D Blackfoot © 000 Published by: Tokala Music



“So, tell me, why did you name your motorcycle –

“Because I felt like it!”


“Oh, I’m sorry, go ahead n’ ask me what you were goin’ to ask me.”

“Well I was going to ask you, why you named your motorcycle

The Potosi Ghost?”


Well, now that was in honor of an old Indian outlaw by the name of

Billy Yost. You gotta love this guy, he just up and disappeared one day

from a maximum security State Correctional Facility down at Potosi.

It would seem that amongst his many other talents, Mr. Yost must have

been quit the accomplished hacker. Because somehow he had gained

access to the prison computer files, and erased all of the information

pertaining to his incarceration.

Some people think that Billy’s still hidin’ somewhere inside the prison,

and that the only thing that escaped were his records. Others say that,

Billy was a Souix medicine man and a shape shifter. And that one day

he just changed into a hawk and flew out over those prison walls to

freedom. Either way, that’s how Billy became a legend, and why I

named this scoot The Potosi Ghost. Because no one knows where I’ll

be tomorrow, or how I got there. But where ever I am, I’ll be free.


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