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The Death of Yellowhand and Noka - J.D. Blackfoot

The Death of Yellowhand and Noka

The Death of Yellowhand and Noka

Words & Music by: J D Blackfoot © 004 Published by: Tokala Music



After leaving the Little Bighorn Valley, Yellowhand returned to

Southern Colorado to live out his days on the high plains.


Although many tried to capture him over the years, none were

successful. In his life, Yellowhand never held a bridle, wore a saddle,

or had a human on his back. He took revenge against the U.S.Army

and all human kind at every opportunity – raiding their grain storage,

breaking down their stockades, and stealing back the horses.


In the winter of 1883, two Soldiers tried to

corner him in a Box Canyon

of the Medicine Bow Mountains in southern

Wyoming. A young boy who witnessed the event

said that Yellowhand trampled them both to death.


In 1899, his life long friend Noka got her leg caught in a Redman’s

rabbit snare and was killed. She was 36 years old.


Yellowhand crossed over into the spirit world along the banks of the

Lower Platte River, 65 miles southwest of Denver, Colorado, in 1904 –

at the age of 9.

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