J.D. Blackfoot Music - J.D. Blackfoot
Seattle Blue - J.D. Blackfoot

Seattle Blue

Seattle Blue

Words & Music by: J D Blackfoot © 1999 Published by: Tokala Music



She woke up in Seattle to a cold December fog.

Fixed a morning Bloody Mary a little hair of the dog.

She wasted most of her weekend in a Fremont biker bar.


Then she tried to recall as she took her celery from the fridge.

What Marty named the troll under the Aurora Bridge.

She re-read the letter another time or two.

The part that said “I miss you, Seattle Blue”.


Her friend Marty got a job and moved away.

To the outskirts of reality on the Chesapeake Bay.

Runs a strip club on the harbor called The Gothem City Lights.


Their instrument of friendship played a different tune.

That rainy summer night they shared the same hotel room.

Cause’ the goodnight kiss was different it awakened something new.

She thought she heard “I want you, Seattle Blue”.


I had a dream last night, about you and me.

Something I’ve never tried, but I’d like too.

Have you had these feeling too? You bad girl you.

She signed her letter, Seattle Blue.


She felt very cheated at the game played in her mind.

And the devil took the evening holding two of a kind.

She resisted temptation for that one more glass of wine.


She felt love should be protected at any cost.

So the boundaries of friendship were never crossed.

Tormented by the passion for the things she could not do.

Late one night she cried out “I want you – too”.


I had a dream last night about me and you.

Something I’ve never tried, but I’d like too.

Have you had these feeling too? You bad girl you.

She signed her letter, Seattle Blue.


In her early morning shower by the magic of her hand.

She brings Marty back to her anytime she can.

In the steam of the water and the soapy lather too.

A voice whispers “I love you, Seattle Blue”.

And a voice whispers “I love you – too”.


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