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Passions Fire - J.D. Blackfoot

Passions Fire

Passions Fire

Words & Music by: J D Blackfoot © 199 Published by: Tokala Music



You had an argument, she left,

you slammed and locked the door.

So you turn up some loud music,

drink a beer and wonder, what is this all for?

She calls you ten times on the phone,

next day use still wakeup alone.


You cry your eyes out through the long,

and cold lonely night.

And you think that you’re in love but you’re just trapped,

in the addiction that you fight.

It’s not her lie that makes you blue,

It’s passions fire burnin’ you.

So you lie awake tonight and think of,


all of the get even you can do.

And you hate to love but you love to hate,

this crazy pain called love that tortures you.

It’s not her lie that tortures you,

It’s a passion fire burnin’ you.

No It’s not her lie that tortures you,

It’s a passion fire burnin’ you.


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