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Last Stop of the Night - J.D. Blackfoot

Last Stop of the Night

Last Stop of the Night

Words & Music by: J D Blackfoot © 199 Published by: Tokala Music



There’s a place just across the river,

I call the last stop of the night.

That’s where I first laid eyes on her,

let me see if I remember right.


Now she walked in bout’ midnight,

black lace from head to toe.

Where the woman had just come from,

I said the devil only knows.


She was fallen out of that dress,

from her chest down to her thighs.

I just smiled and tipped my hat,

and said you sure got pretty eyes.


Then she said “hey-hey there cowboy,

can I set you up a JD shot?”

I told her that I usually drink beer,

but tonight I couldn’t see why not.


So we toasted each others memories,

and we laughed at each others lies.

Then I tell ya’ that black lace vixen,

got a twinkle in her eyes.


Well it was getting’ on toward that time,

when a gambler has to make his bid.

I said “can I give you a lift?”

she said “I think you already did”.


Now what we did for the rest of the night,

is to personal to tell you about.

But I guarantee you that we rocked this world,

and she’ll remember ol’ daddy no doubt.


Then she said “when your friends ask,

what will you tell them about me?”.

I’ll tell them that you didn’t make breakfast,

half as good as you made me.


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