J.D. Blackfoot Music - J.D. Blackfoot
Granddaughter - J.D. Blackfoot



Words & Music by: J D Blackfoot © 004 Published by: Tokala Music



In 1944 , a human boy child was born in Southern Colorado.

On his chest was a birthmark in the perfect shape of a handprint.

In the year 000, at the age of 56, he and his wife stopped at the

site in Montana known as The Little Bighorn Battlefield.


He stood silently at the top of Custer’s Hill, and as his wife

turned to take his picture, she saw tears streaming down his face.

With loving compassion she asked, “What’s wrong ?

The man softly replied, ” I can still hear the horses screaming.”


On June 5th, 007, the man’s Daughter gave birth to a

baby girl. She could not decide on a name for the child so she

asked her Father if he would name his first Granddaughter.


He called her “NOKA” in honor of a great friend from so long ago.


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