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J.D. Blackfoot Live in St. Louis CD Information

Live in St. Louis | CD Edition | J.D. Blackfoot

Live in St. Louis | J.D. BlackfootLive in St. Louis was recorded July 16th, 198 at the Keil Opera House in St. Louis, MO.

The show was sponsored by KSHE FM and was performed in front of a sold-out crowd of 3,800 of the most intense fans that a tape machine ever had the opportunity of capturing.

The album captured live performances of both ” The Ultimate Prophecy ” and ” The Song of Crazy Horse ” and listed almost 100 names of the audience that attended the show inside the album.

Price: $14.75

One story of note about this concert: J.D.’s road manager at the time was J.R. Goings and J.R. was standing beside a city official just prior to J.D. walking on stage. The city official had a decibel meter in his hand and Mr. Goings asked the city official what he was doing with the decibel meter? The city official said he was there representing the city and that by law if the band played too loud he had the right to make the band turn down the volume. The announcer said to the audience: “St. Louis, please welcome one of our all time favorites — J.D. Blackfoot”. With a resounding roar, the audience broke the city official’s decibel meter. The official looked at Mr. Goings and said: ” NEVER MIND”.