99 Horses
A Dying Soldier
A Passion Fire
Albuquerque Sunrise
All Alone
Almost Another Day
Baker Street
Black Widow
Can’t You See
Come Over Tonight
Comin’ Down
Crawfish Willie
Crazy Bugger
Cross The River / Learn To Fly – Part 1
Cross The River / Learn To Fly – Part 2
Death Has Come To Fight
Death’s Finale
Dodgin’ Bullets
Don’t Cry Blue
Double Dippin
Dove On the Ocean
Empty Where You Used To Be
Epitaph For A Head
First Time
Flushed You From The Toilets Of My Heart
Flyin Too Close To The Sun
Garden Of The Black Rose
Ghost In This Town
Ghost Of Montana
Good Day Extending Company
Good Night St.Louis
He Walks on Past
Hey Johnny D.J.
How Can I Miss You
How The West Was Lost
I Don’t Think So
I Should Have Told You
I Won’t Forget You
I’ve Been Goin Out On You Too
I’ve Been Waitin’
I’ve Never Seen You
It Don’t Mean a Thing
Lady In The Moon
Last Stop Of The Night
Let Her Go
Life On The Line Part 1
Life On The Line Part 2
Low Down Dirty Shame
Miss Sally
Missing You In ST.Louis
Night Time…
Nobody’s Business
Noka – The Eagle With The Broken Wing
Ode To Billy Joe
Ohio Dream
One Man’s Story
One Time Woman
Out the Back…
Perfect View
Pink Sun
Potosi Ghost
Reggie Survives
Renegade – Part 1
Renegade – Part 2
Return To Custer’s Hill
Richards Jam
Ride Out The Storm
Road Of Broken Dreams
Sara Jean
Say A Prayer
Scoop Doggie Doo
Seattle Blue
Silk Stockings
Sky Walkin’ Blue
Somewhere In The Night
Song For the Night Time
St. Louie Lady
Stay The Night Away
The Ballad of OB-1 Applewhite
The Bud Song
The Day That Custer Died
The Death Of Yellowhand And Noka
The Garden…
The Kiss Of A Stranger
The Legend Of Billy Yost…
The Parting
The Road North
The Seeker
The Song Of Crazy Horse
The Story Of Yellowhand
The TOKALA Story
The Ultimate Prophecy
The Wind
There’s Only One Of Us Now
Things you Do To Me
Thinking of You
Until I Fell In Love With You
Waiting To Be Born
Who’s Nuts Alfred
We Can Try
Wishing Well
Whiskey Drinkin’

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