I Hate to Say Goodbye Album Information

I Hate to Say Goodbye | J.D. Blackfoot

I Hate to Say Goodbye | J.D. BlackfootThis 10 track storybook of songs is being acclaimed by many lifelong J.D. Blackfoot fans as one of his finest lyrical achievements. The title track, “I Hate To Say Goodbye”, was written in memory of his Mother, Lib Van Dervort, but there is just a little bit of everyone’s mother woven beautifully within this heart touching lyric. Fans call this track, “the song that makes grown men cry”.
Price: $11.75
The entire 10 song set is a masterpiece of the telling of life through both pain and joy, and is a “must have” for any hardcore J.D. Blackfoot fan. John David Call, Corky Laing, and John Durzo, all of whom played on the “Yellowhand” project, returned once again for the making of “I Hate To Say Goodbye”. Also appearing on this project is world renowned guitarist Martin Winch who hails from Auckland, New Zealand. Martin also played on, and co-produced the “Co-Dependent Dysfunctional You” project that J.D. recorded in New Zealand in 2001. A collectors’ edition of “I Hate To Say Goodbye”, autographed and numbered, was offered pre-release to the members of the “Friends of J.D. Blackfoot Music” fan club for $35.00 U.S. They were numbered 1 of 450 thru, 450 of 450 and were sold out.

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