Co-Dependent Dysfunctional You Information

Co-Dependent Dysfunctional You | Album Information | J.D. Blackfoot

Co-Dependent Dysfunctional You was recorded in New Zealand at Stebbing recording, which was the same studio where J.D. recorded “The Song of Crazy Horse”. It is a one-hour-and-45-minute, two-CD story of a screwed-up relationship. One of the greatest relationship epics ever recorded, this story will have you laughing one minute, and crying the next. If asked, hardcore J.D. fans will tell you that the two tracks from this set that you will most likely crank up the volume on are: “Seattle Blue” and “Potosi Ghost”.

J. D. saved these 28 songs over a 10-year period just for this project. After releasing “Co-Dependent Dysfunctional You”, a fan from New Zealand e-mailed J.D. to say that he thought that this saga was morbid and dark, and that he did not care for it. J.D. replied by saying “that’s because I didn’t write it for you”. Two years later after a concert at Pop’s Nightclub in Sauget, IL, a fan came up to J.D. to get an autograph after the show, and as he was walking away, turned back to J.D. and asked if he could take a minute to tell him something. With tears in his eyes, he told J.D. that he had just gone through a horrible divorce and that he just wanted J.D. to know that “Co-Dependent Dysfunctional You” had saved his life. J.D. replied, “that’s because I wrote it just for you”, and gave the man a hug. The leg model for the cover photo was Eileen Blackfoot, J. D.’s wife.

Co-Dependent Dysfunctional You | Two Editions Available

Co-Dysfuntional You Collector's Edition 2 CDs Collector’s Edition – $35.00Released 2001
Co-Dependent Dysfunctional You Collector’s Edition | $35.00
Co-Dysfuntional You Standard CD Set 2 CDs Standard Edition – $14.75Released 2001
Co-Dependent Dysfunctional You Standard Edition | $14.75

Songs on both CD versions are the same.


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