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September Moon Campfire-Concert
During your checkout, please enter the full names of each individual that you are buying a ticket for. We print each person’s name on the ticket. It makes a wonderful memento and is a one-of-a-kind souvenir. Don’t guess! Spell their names correctly! Don’t make me have to explain to the crowd how you buggered-up someone’s memento by misspelling their name on your order form! Ol’ grumpy has spoken !

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2013 Campfire Concert (PDF)

Camp Map (PDF)

2013 September Moon – Campfire Concert Weekend.

This year the event will run from 11:00 AM Thursday October 3rd, thru 3:00 PM Sunday October 6th.

We are lucky to have been invited back this year to the beautiful Coles Creek Recreation Area at Carlyle Lake, Illinois.  I want you all to know that we are the only special event of this kind to be allowed to use Coles Creek and that the only reason we are invited back again is because of the continued respect that you all have given, each and every year, to the Park and the Park Rangers.  Please help us keep up that tradition.

I need you “regulators” to help teach the “Moon Virgins” (first timers), that when we leave the park we leave it cleaner than we found it, and with no tree branches broken, no rocks moved from the shoreline, no fires built outside of the existing fire rings, no cigarette butts on the ground and no tire marks on the grass!  You “Moon Virgins” please make note to bring your own toilet paper and help us keep the shower and toilet facilities neat and clean.  The only thing that the Park Rangers have ever complained about is when some of the new comers call the Park Office with questions about our event.


We are responsible for all of the campsite bookings and tickets for our event and no one at the Park Office can help you with anything in regards to this weekend.  The Coles Creek Recreation Area officially closes to the public on Monday September 30th, and we will not be allowed to have any early arrivals this year.

You will not be allowed to enter the park until 11:00 AM Thursday October 3rd, 2012, when we open the gate for our event.  NO EXECPTIONS!

You regulars better let us know quickly if you want to reserve a particular campsite, as always, its first come, first served.  To find out which campsites are still available just click on:  the “Concerts” tab at the top of the Home Page and then on the, “Campsite Availability” tab in the drop down window.  You can purchase your tickets and campsites by printing out the order form and mailing in with your payment (link for printable order form and news letter at the top of this page), or here on our website with PayPal or Credit Card.  Just scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the “Add to Cart” buttons.

You can email us at  or call us at:  614-557-4400  and we will try and respond to your questions as soon as possible.  Please be patience as we may be on the road and unable to answer as quickly as we would like too.  You “Moon Virgins” (first time campfire concert goers) please have faith that it always gets accomplished by show time and no one has ever been lost, left out or forgotten.

 The deadline for buying your tickets and campsites here online is Thursday October 3rd, 2013.

We have passed the mailing deadline so any tickets purchased on or after Monday September 23rd, 2013 will be waiting for you to pick them up at the front gate when you arrive at the campground.  The tickets held at will call, at the front gate, will be reserved under the name of the person that purchased the tickets.  First timers (virgins) do not worry we have never lost anyone but if you want to be reassured just give us a call and we will make sure that your worries are put to rest.

We are sorry to say that a few more “Friends” have gone on home to the Spirit World this year but they will always be with us and lovingly remembered around the campfire.

Peace & Stay Happy Brothers & Sisters, and we’ll see you at “The Moon”, J.D. & Eileen

All Weekend Campfire Concert Tickets

Price: $45.00

Saturday Only Campfire Concert Tickets

(Day of Concert)

Price: $35.00

Regular Campsites

(with parking pad, electric, fire ring & picnic table)

Price: $50.00

Camper Pads

(with full hook-up, dump, electric, fire ring and picnic table)

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For more information please contact Eileen Blackfoot at:

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