Four tiers of seating - maximum 10 tickets sold per individual

This NON-MUSICAL performance will be a one-man show of storytelling, sharing untold road stories, humor, and the recollections of the amazing, sometimes miraculous events of J.D.'s life.

J.D has travelled life's road with one foot in this world and one foot rooted deep within the Spirit World, and the events and happenings along that road make for exciting telling and listening.

This will be the first and only time that J.D. will make this type of presentation, so it should prove to be a once in a lifetime, and memorable experience for both J.D. and the audience.

No need to wait for the book when you can hear it told live by J.D. himself.

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We will assign you the best seats still available in the section (Rows) that you prefer. We start from the center and move outward, left and right.

If you need help choosing seats you can text us at 614-557-4400, or e-mail us at

Rows A, B, or C $109.00 each - +
Rows D, E, or F $79.00 each - +
Rows G through L $59.00 each - +
Rows M through S $39.00 each - +
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