• Who's Nuts Alfred
  • It Don't Mean a Thing
  • Everyday- Everynight
  • Savage
  • Twilight
  • Dove on the Ocean
  • The Parting
  • Reggie Survives
  • Sara Jean
  • Friend
  • Alburquerque Sunrise
  • Dodgin' Bullets
  • Don't Cry Blue
  • I Won't Forget You
  • Nobody's Business
  • Let Her Go
  • Stay The Night Away
  • He Walks On Past
  • Richard's Jam
  • Wishing Well
  • Skywalkin' Blue
  • Say A Prayer
  • Crawfish Willie
  • The Bud Song
  • I've Been Goin' Out on You Too
  • Can't You See

Footprints is a two-CD set that was released in 1998 and consists of songs that had never appeared in an album or CD, or had never previously been released. It also contains 5 songs from an album titled “Southbound and Gone” which was released on the Fantasy label in 1975 but was never re-issued on CD. “Southbound and Gone” received spotlight picks in Billboard, Cashbox, and Record World magazines and listed as 4 stars in Billboard’s album catalogue. Also in this collection is “ Who’s Nuts Alfred,” a 45 released in 1969 on the Phillips label that was #1 in Columbus,OH for 8 straight weeks. The song failed to break nationally as radio stations thought that it carried a drug message and were afraid to give it air time. The song carried no drug message but was rather a message of truthfulness needed between children and parents.

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